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Fragrances & Deodorisers

Our range of specialty deodorisers are composed of a unique molecular formulation that attacks foul odours immediately upon contact and renders them instantly ineffective. They contain fragrances that bring back that beautiful leather scent or try one that invites the autumn flavours of the "country" inside.

Malco Xtrax Odour Eliminating Fogger. - 148ml
Malco Odor Foggers are not cover-ups! They eliminate odours at their sources. Can be used as a total release fogging system or for spot spraying. When used as a total release fogger, each can will effectively deodorize up to 170 kilolitres of space. When used for spot spraying, each can will effectively deodorize up to 50 vehicles. Available in Citrus, Lemon and New Leather scents. Available in 148ml aerosol cans - (CODE: 124121 – Citrus / 124123 - Xtrax / 124124 - New Leather)
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