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Malco Aero Thunder All Purpose Cleaner

Malco Aero Thunder All Purpose Cleaner powers through heavy grease and grime.  This strong all purpose cleaner is designed to remove a wide variety of soils from both hard and soft surfaces. Use it to clean carpet, upholstery, whitewalls, engines and all painted surfaces. Malco Aero Thunder is Body Shop Safe.


Malco Outrageous Orange™ – 3.78L

Malco Outrageous Orange™ is a super concentrated cleaner that removes medium grease, oils and soils from engines, concrete floors, vinyl, plastic, tyres and wheels.  Outrageous Orange™ is an orange scented, water based, d-limonene cleaner and can be diluted up to 1:30. Malco Outrageous Orange™ is Body Shop Safe and Phosphate Free.