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Malco Tyre Nu Silicone Free Dressing – 3.78L

Malco Tyre Nu Silicone Free Dressing is a dressing that shines and protects interior and exterior rubber, vinyl, plastic and leather surfaces. Tyre Nu is the ideal tyre dressing, it goes on quickly and leaves a deep, lustrous shine in seconds.  Body Shop Safe.


Malco Wipe On Gel Tyre Dressing – 473ml

Malco Wipe On Gel Tyre Dressing is an easy to use, wipe on formula that keeps the dressing on the tyre and minimises the potential for messy sling. It dries quickly and leaves a high gloss shine on all rubber and plastic surfaces. Its superior water repellent properties make it great for bumpers, exterior trim and mouldings.


Malco Perfect 10™ – 340gm

Malco Perfect 10™ conditions and protects vinyl, plastic, leather, rubber, metal and wood surfaces. A special blend of silicones and fast-drying solvents make treatment of surfaces fast and easy. A super-fine mist coats and surfaces evenly without sticky build-ups.