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Malco Appeal Super Concentrated Dressing – 3.78lt

Malco Appeal™ is a heavily concentrated premium dressing that can be diluted up to 1:5. Create different levels of gloss ranging from a semi-gloss, satiny finish to a wet, dazzling shine. This durable, silicone-based, aqueous emulsion dressing offers ease of use and convenience in automotive applications. Ideal for use in engine compartments. VOC Compliant.


Malco Perfect 10™ – 340gm

Malco Perfect 10™ conditions and protects vinyl, plastic, leather, rubber, metal and wood surfaces. A special blend of silicones and fast-drying solvents make treatment of surfaces fast and easy. A super-fine mist coats and surfaces evenly without sticky build-ups.

Malco Water Spot Remover – 591ml

Malco Water Spot Remover is a pumice enhanced cleaner that will remove hard water spots, mineral stains and paint overspray from glass, chrome, stainless steel, tile and porcelain.  Water Spot Remover is abrasive and contains special chemical cleaners that can remove mineral deposits quickly and easily.  Ideal on stainless steel for removing “tea staining” and for removing oxidisation from aluminium.  Not for use on painted surfaces.