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EPIC™ Revive Nu Cladding & Trim Restorer – 473ml

EPIC™ Revive Nu is designed to restore and enhance most OEM and ABS types of molding, trim, cladding and other automotive plastic.

EPIC Revive Nu is a complimentary product in the EPIC™ family. This product restores faded and dried out plastic to the original satin finish, while lasting much longer than traditional dressings. This engineered formula penetrates and bonds with most types of factory molded plastic and is easy to use.

• Lasts up to one year, even with frequent washing
• Restores OEM plastic to like-new appearance
• Bonds with black and gray plastic to provide a longer durability
• Easy mess free application allows for variable gloss


Malco Tyre Nu Silicone Free Dressing – 3.78L

Malco Tyre Nu Silicone Free Dressing is a dressing that shines and protects interior and exterior rubber, vinyl, plastic and leather surfaces. Tyre Nu is the ideal tyre dressing, it goes on quickly and leaves a deep, lustrous shine in seconds.  Body Shop Safe.

Malco Appeal™ Super Concentrated Dressing – 3.78lt

Malco Appeal™ is a heavily concentrated premium dressing that can be diluted up to 1:5. Create different levels of gloss ranging from a semi-gloss, satiny finish to a wet, dazzling shine. This durable, silicone-based, aqueous emulsion dressing offers ease of use and convenience in automotive applications. Ideal for use in engine compartments. VOC Compliant.


Malco Perfect 10™ – 340gm

Malco Perfect 10™ conditions and protects vinyl, plastic, leather, rubber, metal and wood surfaces. A special blend of silicones and fast-drying solvents make treatment of surfaces fast and easy. A super-fine mist coats and surfaces evenly without sticky build-ups.