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EPIC™ Ceramic Coating System

Don’t Just use any Ceramic Coating……..make it EPIC!

EPIC™ Ceramic Coating is designed for the ultimate vehicle finish. This specially formulated coating provides years of protection and the  industry’s highest gloss finish. When professionally installed, the EPIC Ceramic system will bond with the vehicle’s clear coat to create a durable, hydrophobic surface.

This coating will prevent dirt, water spots, and contaminants from adhering to paint, prolonging the life and ease of cleaning for any vehicle. This system will change the way you care for your vehicle, while adding value and longevity.

Each Starter Kit features everything needed to complete a vehicle:

• EPIC™ Prep Wash Concentrate
• EPIC™ Final Prep Wipe
• EPIC™ Ceramic Coating, 30ml
• Applicator
• Suede Cloths
• Ultra-Soft Edgeless Microfiber Towel