Accelerate All In One – Polish & Protection

Malco Accelerate All in One Polish & Protection is a one-step polishing compound designed to remove light to medium paint defects while leaving behind a slick waxed surface with lasting protection for up to 90 days.

This all-in-one polish will quickly and easily remove swirls, imperfections and light scratches while leaving a deep glossy finish. Malco Accelerate offer a long working window and a dust free application. This can be applied with an orbital, rotary or by hand with a variety of foam pads or microfibre applicators. Malco Accelerate features easy removal allowing a full vehicle application before wiping off.

Using a Ceramic Spray with Accelerate All in One Polish & Protection

How to Use the Malco® EPIC™ Paint Correction System

The EPIC Paint Correction System was designed with the expert detailer, as well as the novice, in mind. For the high-end detailer, EPIC is everything they need in one place to deliver a perfect finish – so they no longer need to piecemeal products and equipment together. With just a little training, the novice technician will have the skills and confidence to deliver a showroom gloss without the fear of burning through a clearcoat.

How to Use the Malco® EPIC™ Ceramic Coating System

Malco Automotive knows that end users are looking for lasting vehicle protection that is easy to maintain and adds a depth of gloss to a slick appearance. That’s why we’ve introduced the Malco® EPIC™ Ceramic Coating System, protection that is easy to apply and provides excellent results.

4 Steps to clearer, brighter, safer lights for your vehicle!

Factory headlight lenses are made from polycarbonate to be impact and scratch resistant. A special coating is applied during production to provide UV protection. Over time this coating decays, causing the unprotected lenses to become yellow and cloudy from overexposure to UV rays. As light passes through the damaged surface, it is diffracted at an angle resulting in decreased headlight output by up to 70%.
ReNuLite® Single-Use Wipe-On Kit will restore faded and yellowed headlights to a like new appearance. Sealant is UV curable and provides maximum protection for long-lasting clarity. Each kit contains enough product to restore 2 headlights.



Fast Shot Wheel & Tire Cleaner is a clinging formula that’s an extremely powerful, non-acid wheel cleaner designed to restore and clean tires and leave virtually all types of wheels bright and shiny.
Fast Shot is revolutionary because it has a better safety profile compared to HF wheel cleaners but is still strong enough to loosen and dissolve baked-on dust, grease, oil and dirt. This is not just another wheel cleaner … Fast Shot is THE best alternative to HF acids.